Nike Training Club



Today I went to Nike Training Club’s Kickstart Event at USC and I had a great time!


        That gave me the idea to create a FIT LA category in my blog where I can post great places to workout, as well as some great hikes and other things fit! Continue reading


Nature’s Brew



I’m excited because today I’m going to start talking about my favorite restaurants in LA! The first one is a recently opened restaurant and it’s definitely worth trying. It is owned by the two brothers who own Bacora LA, located in the same street. 

1098409_393361877432357_1976317294_a       Nature’s Brew is a great option for those around Downtown/ USC area and are looking for healthy options that won’t break the bank! The restaurant has a really cozy laid-back atmosphere with delicious food, several power outlets, and free Wi-fi!

photo 4

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