Back to Basics: Packing


Summer break is almost over (so long my dear),

That means its time for me to pack my bags and head back to LA….

And since my flight is tomorrow I thought I should use this opportunity to share with you guys some of my tips on packing.

I pride myself in being pretty good at packing! I learned some of my packing tricks from friends of mine, some are from my grandmother, and some I simply learned as a result of all the traveling I’ve done. I usually tend to pack pretty light but when coming back from Brazil I always find myself packing a bunch of gifts for my friends and some Brazilian things I can’t live without….

Anyways, I understand each person has their own way of packing but some of these tips are way too good to pass up, just saying =)

Ok so, TIP #1: I always put the suitcase on my bed. I do that because of my back pains, but it’s a good tip even for those who don’t have back pain. Packing is a lot easier when the suitcase is on the bed instead of on the floor.


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