Back To Basics: Flights


Hi everyone!

For my first post I decided to go back to basics and talk a little bit about flights to Los Angeles and some of my tips when it comes to choosing the best route. Since most of my traveling consist of going back and forth between Sao Paulo and Los Angeles this is what I’m going to talk about the most. So this might also be a good post for anyone who wants to learn a bit more about which airlines have flights to Brazil.

Ok, let’s give this blogging thing a try shall we?

Currently there is only one airline that has weekly non-stop flights from Sao Paulo to Los Angeles, and vice versa obviously. The airline is Korean Air. Many of you are probably wondering why Korean Air has flights between Sao Paulo and LA. That is because Los Angeles is the connecting city for those who are going to Korea from Brazil. I will talk more about Korean Air some other time. For now what is important is that Korean Air is the only company serving non-stop flights from Brazil to LA. It is also good to mention that American Airlines is going to begin flying the Sao Paulo-Los Angeles route around November this year (2013).

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