The Counter



Today’s post is about a build your own burger restaurant chain called The Counter.

photo 5.PNG

They have several locations all over California, as well as 7 other states and 3 other countries (Ireland, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia). Me, my boyfriend and two Brazilian friends went to the downtown LA location, and we all enjoyed it very much!

When you arrive at The Counter you are greeted with a clipboard with the restaurant’s menu and a piece of paper with the list of all the ingredients you can choose for your BYO (build your own) burger.

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20 Great Things to do in Los Angeles


Hello! I’m going to post another For the Foodies soon! But for know I want to share this Timeout Guide of 20 great things to do in Los Angeles for tourists.

Oi! Essa semana vou fazer um post sobre outro restaurante legal de L.A. Por enquanto vou dividir com vocês esse guia com 20 coisas legais para turistas em Los Angeles

Jonathan Gold’s 101 Best Restaurants LA


I love this list and wanted to share it with you guys! Yummy, yummy…

Eu adoro essa lista dos melhores restaurantes em LA! Delícia…

Nature’s Brew



I’m excited because today I’m going to start talking about my favorite restaurants in LA! The first one is a recently opened restaurant and it’s definitely worth trying. It is owned by the two brothers who own Bacora LA, located in the same street. 

1098409_393361877432357_1976317294_a       Nature’s Brew is a great option for those around Downtown/ USC area and are looking for healthy options that won’t break the bank! The restaurant has a really cozy laid-back atmosphere with delicious food, several power outlets, and free Wi-fi!

photo 4

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Back to Basics: Korean Air


Hey guys, its been a while since I posted something on here. I got to LA on Thursday night. Today was my first day back to school! But I found some time for me to write a new post!

For this post I’m gonna write a little bit about Korean Air, show some of the pictures I took on my flight and share my opinions about this airline. This will be my last Back to Basics post, for now. After that I’m gonna focus on more cool things to do in LA.

8357960937_f39b084ed6_b       I travelled with Korean Air from Sao Paulo to Los Angeles 9 times. Like I said on my first post this is the only airline that flies this nonstop route . American Airlines will start doing the same route in November. I had never chosen Korean Air before they started flying to LA from Sao Paulo, Brasil and now it is one of my favorite airlines!

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Back to Basics: Packing


Summer break is almost over (so long my dear),

That means its time for me to pack my bags and head back to LA….

And since my flight is tomorrow I thought I should use this opportunity to share with you guys some of my tips on packing.

I pride myself in being pretty good at packing! I learned some of my packing tricks from friends of mine, some are from my grandmother, and some I simply learned as a result of all the traveling I’ve done. I usually tend to pack pretty light but when coming back from Brazil I always find myself packing a bunch of gifts for my friends and some Brazilian things I can’t live without….

Anyways, I understand each person has their own way of packing but some of these tips are way too good to pass up, just saying =)

Ok so, TIP #1: I always put the suitcase on my bed. I do that because of my back pains, but it’s a good tip even for those who don’t have back pain. Packing is a lot easier when the suitcase is on the bed instead of on the floor.


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Back To Basics: Los Angeles International Airport (LAX)



For my second Back to Basics post I decided talk about the Los Angeles International Airport (LAX)I’m gonna talk a bit about the airport’s location and the best ways to get from the airport to the city.


Los Angeles International Airport was the sixth busiest airport in the world in 2012. It has 9 passenger terminals, and is located about 16 miles or 26 km from downtown LA and about 24 miles or 39km from Hollywood.  

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